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Beauty and Skin Clinic in Dandenong

Soul Spa Beauty & Skin Clinic offers effective service to ttheir clients in Narre Warren. We are  one of the most experienced beauty and skin companies, providing treatments that are affordable, safe, and actually work.

    Our Skin and Beauty Services

    We enhance individual beauty with state-of-the-art technologies and personalised service. 

    Our professional team is ready to provide the greatest service you’ve ever had.

    Hot Stone Massage

    Hot Stone Massage at Dandenong

    Hot Stone Massage is a great option for people suffering from stress, anxiety and migraines. The heat of the stones stimulates the energy and lymphatic systems, leading to deep relaxation.

    Soul Spa Dandenong is pleased to help you have a life-changing experience in health, spiritual renewal, and well-being. Its commitment to building strong relationships with clients and offering personalized services is a key to the company’s success.


    Combining heat and massage can promote drainage, cleaning, as well as pain relief. They can also improve immunity by increasing circulation and promoting the transfer of nutrients throughout the body.

    Deep Tissue Massage Dandenong

    Deep tissue massage Dandenong uses a deeper pressure on the body and muscles. This massage helps to relax deeper tissues, tendons and fascia. It also strengthens surrounding bones and joints. Deep finger pressure is applied to tightened zones to reduce stress and maintain blood pressure. If your superficial muscles feel tight, inform your therapist immediately to adjust the technique or prepare the tissues.


    Because of the risk of blood clots becoming dislodged, this type of massage is not recommended. Consult your doctor if you have blood clots. You will be amazed at the positive effects that massage and genuine healing can have on your body. Soul Spa is your chance to indulge in a day of relaxation.

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