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Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul With A Deep Tissue Massage

If You Suffer 


Or Experiencing Any Form Of Chronic And Deep Rooted Pain

Then you should not resort to taking toxic medication or trying any gimmick remedies or methods that aren’t credible and try the healing, strengthening and restorative tried and tested deep pressure and slower strokes of a


Deep Tissue Massage


You might have gone through different massages but you might never have experienced something like a Deep Tissue Massage provided by Soul Spa & Beauty Salon. It’s unique nature will reach the depths of your body and leave you in deep relaxation. It is the most sublime therapeutic method you will ever experience.


If you feel funny or have a shooting pain anywhere in your body, probably a deep tissue massage is the answer.

A Deep tissue massage technique is more advanced and unique than you can think. Most massages provide relaxation at a surface level. A deep tissue massage digs deep and eliminates pain at its root. It will not only leave you feeling tranquil but will help you with the complex body problems.

You will have the advantage of an expert massage therapist who will ease muscle tension during your personalised treatment.

The massage therapists utilise long, slower strokes and a little more pressure than usual to deliver the desired result. It is important for the therapist to reach the deepest layers of muscle and fascia, by applying pressure to penetrate through superficial tissues before it reaches its ideal level. 

This massage is known for removing any strain or pain from the entire body. The massage therapist will use their fingertips, elbows, knuckles, hands and palms to hit the right spots. These therapists are very skilled as they won’t simply massage your skin but dig deep into your body to alleviate the problems.


An ordinary relaxation massage will give you temporary ease, but a deep tissue massage will provide you relief from chronic pain. 

Ever wondered where the source of your pain might be in your system? This massage will help to ease your pain in such complex parts of your body that you have never even imagined.

If you have severely strained your muscle or want to tackle soreness at its core, a deep tissue massage is perfect for you. It is a full-body massage. The proficient massage therapist aims at diffusing the pain by tackling the trigger points. Pressure is applied in such a way that it targets the deeper layers of the muscles and the connective tissues surrounding it.  


This massage doesn’t always aim at applying deep pressure but delivering a deeper effect on the body. Its purpose is to solve unresolved tension in your body. 


If you feel like something is trapped in your body that doesn’t have a way to get released, a deep tissue massage may just be the help it needs for you to free yourself from it.

Several Health Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage:


The deep tissue massage has some shocking benefits that will effectively rejuvenate your entire system:

It Has A Profound Effect On Complex Health Conditions:


Research has found that regular deep tissue massage has had positive results on people who suffer from medical conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia. 


The above medical conditions not only affect the body but also the overall well-being of a person. Deep tissue massage helps drastically in improving the way you move, function and feel about your body.


What’s The Difference Between Our Various Types Of Massages?


A relaxation massage will simply relax you. Softer and gentler strokes are applied in the massage. It improves blood circulation, stretches tendons & ligaments, and energizes you. It reduces immediate stress and relaxes the body & mind.


Whereas, a deep tissue massage helps in dealing with chronic stress. It permanently reduces the deep stress present in our bodies. Unlike the relaxation massage, it unwinds the muscle knots present in the body. It is ideal for someone who has a serious muscle injury.


In a hot stone massage, multiple hot stones are placed on the body which helps in relaxing your body. It increases the blood flow to the areas where the stones are placed. However, it is similar to a relaxation massage, although deeper, as it aims at providing a relaxing and de-stressing state to the person.


Don’t Miss The Opportunity?

Thus, regular deep tissue massage is the best therapy you can get, if you want to target problematic areas, completely relax and heal your body whilst tapping into the lifelong benefits, without more invasive procedures like cupping, needling or surgeries.

If you are done with the aches and pains then allow yourself a Deep Tissue Massage. Soul Spa & Beauty Salon is located at 1/21 Strathlea Drive, Cranbourne West and would love to host you on your journey. We highly recommend booking online or calling to confirm your spot to avoid disappointment and to start living your best life.