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Beauty and Skin Clinic in Hampton Park

Soul Spa Beauty & Skin Clinic offers effective service to ttheir clients in Narre Warren. We are  one of the most experienced beauty and skin companies, providing treatments that are affordable, safe, and actually work.

    Our Skin and Beauty Services

    We enhance individual beauty with state-of-the-art technologies and personalised service. 

    Our professional team is ready to provide the greatest service you’ve ever had.

    Hot Stone Massage

    Hot Stone Massage Hampton Park

    Soul Spa only hires qualified and insured therapists. This ensures that you get the best hot stone massage service. They have also worked in Hampton Park’s best spas. Relax and enjoy the massage while your therapist brings you a table, music, oils, lotions and linens. Experience a new level of well-being with a professional hot stone massage Hampton Park or the surrounding areas. You can put it to the test!

    Deep Tissue Massage Hampton Park

    Deep tissue massage is a deep tissue massage that aims to reach deeper levels and connective tissues. Massage therapy is recommended for areas that are constantly stressed such as stiff necks, stiff joints, sore joints and hardness in the shoulders or lower back. Massage Hampton Park helps to relax stiffened pain tissue in your lower back.


    This treatment can be used to relieve muscle tension in the legs and shoulders, as well as lower back, upper back, or upper back. Soul Spa eases discomfort by applying deep pressure directly to the skin. This allows you to return to your normal activities and feel more flexible.


    A trained massage therapist applies deep pressure to specific body parts while the person lies down on their stomachs or backs. It stimulates blood flow and circulation, making it very effective.


    The muscle tension is released, while the psychological stress is decreased and “happy hormones” are released.

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